Marketing Communications

Karie helps clients articulate their unique value proposition, develop their key messaging and brand voice, and create a plan that communicates these messages consistently through brand communications, PR, social media, and retail channels. 

PUBLIC Relations

Karie grows clients' brand awareness by keeping them top of mind with editors, producers, and bloggers through highly-targeted, strategic media outreach and by securing opportunities for clients to connect directly with their  audience online and off.

Social Media STRATEGY

Karie and her team help clients determine where their social media efforts will have the greatest impact, develop editorial and posting calendars, and create content.  

Influencer Relations

Karie assists her clients in identifying the right people, approaching them with the right offer, and nurturing the relationship to develop mutually-beneficial partnerships.

Business Development

Karie combines her early career experience in nonprofit fund raising with her marketing savvy to secure and develop meaningful partnerships that drive revenue and brand exposure.

Brand Protection

Safety Compliance, Incidence Management and Brand Communication are all key components in protecting brand reputation. Karie  has a reputation for working with high quality, safe products and has experience managing recall communications including drafting recall messaging, managing recall publicity and responding to customer inquiries related to the recall or other safety concerns.